Guideline to QML

Quality Characteristics Lists

Quality characteristics lists (QML) defin quality-characteristics of the different packaging-types. Compliance with the characteristics is deciding for the usability of packaging in the chemical industry. ​​​

For the testing of packaging in the test centres of the chemical industries as well as in the test centres of the packaging manufacturer are details given, what has to be checked and which value (failure class) belongs to the single characteristic. This valuation can take place in the single companies in different ways, therefor in every quality characteristics list is given a note, that in single cases it is possible to diverge from the failure classes. Further it is defined, in which basis the tests have to be done. Often there is the PMS (packaging specification) named. If in the packaging specification a characteristic is not spezified, this characteristic is irrelevant for this case. If there are advices "state of the art" and "approval", the test has to be done in every case, evenif the characteristics are not named in the packaging specification.

The in the quality characteristics lists named test method are exemplary, as described in the preamble. Even other agreed test methods can be used, if the results are comparable.

You find the separate QML under "download".

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Dr. Kristin Faber