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Sustainable Finance

VCI committees for sustainable finance


11 April 2024 | Bericht

Five committees provide strategic and operational support for developments in sustainable finance.

The Sustainable Finance Committe e has a strategic focus. In addition to providing fundamental support for future developments (e.g. initiatives in sustainability reporting, legislation, transition financing), it prioritizes the topics for all other sustainable finance committees. The working group also coordinates regular exchanges with stakeholders from politics, EFRAG, the financial sector and auditing. The meetings currently take place every six weeks.

The ESRS Practical Issues and EU Taxonomy Practical Issues working groups are operational and currently meet monthly.

Their core activities are

  • Active monitoring of legislation through the development of joint positions and consultation submissions,
  • the exchange on specific implementation issues and
  • the regularly updated documentation of recommendations for specific application issues.

The Transition Finance Taskforce meets as required. It deals with the further development of sustainability reporting with regard to financing the transition. In addition to clarifying the fundamental significance of various financing instruments, the group develops proposals for the practicable design of transition plans in particular.

The SME Sustainability Reporting Task Force also consults as required. It is currently working on the development of the standard for indirectly affected or voluntarily reporting SMEs and is involved in the consultation process. The focus here is on exchanging information on the specific applicability of the standard.

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 Kathrine Link

Kathrine Link

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Laura Lischinski

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