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Bioeconomy: Legislation




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BioTech Letter 2 2024


The EU is striving to become a world leader in the bioeconomy in order to conserve resources and to develop a sustainable economy. Microorganisms play a key role in this process. They enable essential amino acids and vitamins to be produced in a sustainable and economic way. Microorganisms are also essential for the production of enzymes, which are used for example in the production of biofuels or food flavors. But at the EU level, we are facing the threat of a ban on biotechnologically enhanced microorganisms. It is important to safeguard the regulations that have been in place for decades.

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Bioeconomy: Keeping the legislation workable

Bioeconomy: Keeping the legislation workable

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  • Bioeconomy: Keeping the legislation workable
  • Fermentation: Thousand-year-old technology in a new form
  • Industrial biotechnology: harnessing its potential
  • Europe‘s viability is at stake!Guest article by Dr. Harald Schwager, Member and Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of Evonik Industries


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