A Contribution to Quality Assurance and Ressource Efficiency

VCI's Packaging Handbook

15. October 2012 | Leitfaden

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The continuously updated handbook from the Association of the German Chemical Industry (VCI) gives standards and information around industrial packages in the chemical industry.

This reference book gives standards and information for industrial packages in the chemical industry. The partners concerned obtained advantages in respect of cost reduction, exchangeability, reutilisation and security level. We realise and implement political demands regarding waste management resulting of the German packaging legislation and optimise industrial reutilisation.

The frequently used Packaging Testing and Manufacturing guidelines (VPA)​ are supplement during other topics and to find in Chapter 9.
The topics of Handbook to concern production, cartridge, quality assurance and retraction of industrial chemical packaging and advance the integration loop abler standards.

Chapter 1 General information (only 1.0 and 1.1 in English)​
Chapter 2 Pallets​
Chapter 3 IBC (only specifications in English)
Chapter 4 Container​
Chapter 5 Bags​
Chapter 6 Corrugated cardboard packaging
Chapter 7 Small rigid containers
Chapter 8 Packaging aids
Chapter 9 Quality assurance​
Chapter 10 Recovery systems for industrial packages (see German version)​
Chapter 11 Use and manipulation of packaging


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