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Liebig Fellowship

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The Liebig fellowship is intended to promote the start of a university teaching career in the field of chemistry. The aim of the fellowship is to enable chemists with a PhD - as well as young scientists from related fields - to gain further academic qualifications at the university.

The prerequisite for the awarding of this fellowship is that the candidate has studied quickly and achieved excellent academic results. At the time of application, the PhD graduation must not have been completed more than three years ago. In addition, the chemically oriented research work must be carried out in a different working group and at a different university location than the PhD.

You can find the information sheet on the "Liebig Fellowship" in the download area.

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16 August 2023

 Denise Schütz-Kurz

Contact person

Dr. Denise Schütz-Kurz

EU-Forschungspolitik, Liebig-Stipendien des FCI, Start-ups Chemie