Herstellung/Rekonditionierung von Chemiepaletten

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Approach: · Application for registry with Plastics Europe · Allocation of a registry No. · Payment of registration fee · Compliance with the CP-Specifications · Marking of the Pallets · Collection of Pallets up to 50 km of the facility


  • Supplier/ Reconditioner who intents to produce/recondition CPs apply to Plastics Europe (former APME) for registration and the allocation of a manufacturer/reconditioner’s number. A registration fee will be charged.
Plastics Europe Headquarters
Avenue E van Nieuwenhuyse 4, Box 3
B-1160 Brussels
Telephone: +32 (2) 675 32 97
Fax: +32 (2) 675 39 35
e-mail: info@plasticseurope.org

  • Registered suppliers are committed to respect the active manufacturing and reconditioning specifications for CPs.
These can be found under:
„Transport/ Verpackung“ under „downloads“
in the „Packaging Handbook“

  • Newly produced or reconditioned CPs must to be marked with the registration No.
  • The allocation of the registration number implies compliance with the specifications and if required that the used CPs are collected according to the CP specification.
  • Edition 6 „Chemical Industry Pallets“ from April 2004 is the valid version:
  • When requested, the registered CP supplier shall offer to the owners of used CPs the free collection of pallets up to at least 50 km from his facilities and shall respect the lead times mentioned in the table below.
Number of Pallets Maximal Lead time for collection
> 400 2 Weeks
100 - 400 4 Weeks
20 - 100 3 Months
No free collection has to be offered if:

  • More than 10 % of the pallets have unacceptable deficiencies
  • Less than 20 pallets are offered; they shall be accepted without costs when delivered to the registered supplier/reconditioner or collected after payment of transport costs.
No collection shall be offered for pallets manufactured without respect of the manufacturing specifications (poor timber quality, wrong dimensions, missing manufacturing markings etc.) or for pallets contaminated with chemical products.


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