Verwaltungsrecht in der Europäischen Union

VCI-Beitrag zur öffentlichen Konsultation des Europäischen Parlaments zu allgemeinen Regeln für eine offene, unabhängige und effiziente Verwaltung

Die öffentliche Konsultation des Europäischen Parlaments betrifft die von diesem geforderte Schaffung einer EU-Verwaltungsverfahrens-Verordnung. Auch der VCI hält die gesetzliche Regelung des europäischen Verwaltungsverfahrens in einer allgemeingültigen (horizontalen) Verordnung für notwendig. Aus Gründen der Rechtssicherheit und Rechtsstaatlichkeit sollten Mindeststandards für das europäische Verwaltungsverfahren an zentraler Stelle einheitlich geregelt werden. Dies würde auch das Vertrauen in den Innovations- und Investitionsstandort Europa stärken.

Der VCI hat sich mit einer (englischsprachigen) Position in die Konsultation eingebracht. Nachfolgend der Wortlaut im Original:

VCI Position on the European Parliament's public consultation on general rules for an open independent and efficient European administration

VCI welcomes the idea of creating a EU Regulation of Administrative Procedures. Rights, principles and obligations should be codified in a horizontal legal act. This would give citizens and companies a comprehensive overview of their administrative rights and would underline the principle of legal certainty and the rule of law.

Citizens and companies are more and more often directly concerned by European administrative activities without being able to assess their rights by consulting only one source. Procedural rights are neither regulated centrally nor uniformly, but mainly sectorally and sectoral provisions are not aligned. Consequently, citizens and companies have to check primary and secondary/sectoral law in order to gain an overview of the variety of their administrative rights.

Although the REACH Regulation gives a comprehensive framework for many administrative procedures in the Chemical sector there are still fundamental notions and procedures that are not yet defined on a European level. There is no universal notion of an “administrative act” and no universal procedure for the withdrawal of administrative acts or the legal succession regarding registrations, authorisations and permits (“legal entity change”). On the other hand, some provisions of the REACH regulation could serve as a model for a horizontal regulation.

E.g. REACH provides for an administrative appeal procedure against certain decisions of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). VCI would appreciate the horizontal introduction of an administrative review procedure, because it gives an opportunity for a second administrative decision without being forced to go directly to court. The practical experience with the ECHA-Board of appeal is mainly positive and balanced. This could serve as a model for other agencies as it supports the reduction of litigation.

A EU Regulation of Administrative Procedures would be in line with the principle of coherence stipulated in Art. 7 TFEU and would contribute to the efficiency of administrative procedures and to better administration in general. In times of rising skepticism concerning the European Union and concerning further integration such a regulation could ameliorate the acceptance of decisions of European authorities and underline the legitimacy of the European Union. This would also add to the European Union’s reputation as an attractive business location for investment and innovation. It could improve predictability by compiling procedural guarantees applying to all EU authorities – institutions, agencies and bodies. This is especially important for companies who have to deal with many different EU authorities.

In sum, a EU Regulation of Administrative Procedures could raise the standards of EU administrative decision-making as well as complement and reinforce the Better Regulation Agenda of the European Commission in the context of the right to good administration.

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Dominik Jaensch