Mixtures under REACH - Exemplification of the Lead Component Identification Method’s output in the Safety Data Sheet

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10:00 Uhr - 12:00 Uhr


Angelika Hanschmidt


E-Mail: hanschmidt@vci.de

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Cefic and VCI first published the Lead Component Identification (LCID) method for deriving safe use advice for mixtures under REACH based on extended safety data sheets (eSDS) for their ingredient substances in 2016. An updated version come out in 2018. In a second project under the umbrella of the ENES Work Programme, some experience was gained with the LCID output regarding the mixture SDS, based on concrete examples. A report was published in autumn 2019.

We would invite you to our Webinar on Friday, 27 November 2020, 10.00 until about 12 o’clock, to get a first-hand insight in safe use communication via the safety data sheet supported by the LCID method. Furthermore, the potential role of the method under the Draft REACH Review Action 3 Development Plan (Improving the workability and quality of extended Safety Data Sheets) will be discussed.


Communication of safe use information in the SDS for mixtures

1. Introduction: The LCID method

  • Dr. Christian Bögi, BASF SE

2. Experiences and guidance for communicating the LCID output

  • Nursulu Davrenova, Verisk 3E

3. Safety data sheet examples

  • Andreas Ahrens, ECHA
  • Nursulu Davrenova, Verisk 3E
  • Dr. Stefanie Welz, BASF SE

Development toward improving workability and quality of Safety Data Sheets

4. Potential role of the LCID method

  • Andreas Ahrens, ECHA


5. Questions and Answers

6. Summary and Conclusions


  • Dr. Christian Bögi, BASF SE

A practical guide on the LCID method und the report to be presented are available here .

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