Change in the Raw Materials Base

​Driving innovation throughout various fields, the chemical industry is the basis of numerous value chains and exerts a strong influence in almost all areas of our economy. Thus, ensuring the supply of raw materials at reasonable prices represents one of the greatest challenges for the chemical industry in the 21st century.

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​Due to ever increasing population growth and the demand for raw materials in emerging countries in Asia, there are shortages in the raw material supply. Even though this situation has relaxed somewhat during the creation of this position paper, in the long term one can expect that important raw materials will be more expensive and in shorter supply. Most of all, the chemical industry, which especially depends on the availability of organic and inorganic raw materials, must devise strategies for guaranteeing the raw material supply. According to the German Chemical Industry Association VCI, raw materials and energy represented 30% of the gross value for German chemical companies in 2007.

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