Vision - Mission - Values

12 July 2018

Vision - Mission - Values

On the occasion of the General Assembly 2016, the Presidential Council of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) sharpened the self-concept of the chemical-pharmaceutical industry in this country. The positioning concerning vision, mission and values forms the link between the association’s statutes, its political work and the guiding principle of sustainability which the VCI follows in its own activities and as an alliance partner in Chemistry3, the sustainability initiative of the chemical-pharmaceutical industry in Germany.


  • The chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Germany has an active role in shaping the future with its staff.
  • The industry is a driver of innovation, growth and competitiveness. Its competence for finding solutions contributes to a better life in accordance with the guiding principle of sustainability.
  • Politicians and society confide in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as a problem solver, an employer and a neighbour.


  • We – the VCI and our regional and sector associations – represent the interests of chemical and pharmaceutical companies at national, European and global level for an attractive industrial location Germany.
  • Our task is to secure the “license to operate” for our member companies.
  • Together with our members, we analyse economic, political and societal developments and issues. On this basis, we bring forward our proposals for solution in politics and society.
  • We are engaged in a dialogue with politicians and society concerning the benefits of chemistry and pharma and their growing importance in the industrial network.
  • We actively take part in societal debates on the chances and risks of new technologies. In the assessment of chemical-pharmaceutical products and processes we speak up for a well-balanced risk-benefit assessment based on scientific findings.
  • We act according to the guiding principle of sustainability, and we are an alliance partner to the sustainability initiative Chemie3 ("Chemistry3"). We drive forward sustainability in our own activities and in our industry, and we give impulses for a sustainable development to the economy, science, politics and society.
  • Our contacts with politicians, the media and the general public are characterised by professionalism, transparency and trust. In doing so, we work with the highest degree of expertise in technical matters, communication and political affairs. We maintain and constantly expand our political and societal network.
  • We offer needs-oriented services for our members, and we provide them with opportunities for better networking and for a better exchange of experiences.


Our actions are determined by fairness, openness, transparency, integrity and the guidelines of "Chemistry by 3" .

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