Liebig Fellowship

Liebig Fellowship

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The Liebig Fellowship wants to help start the careers of prospective university teachers in the chemical sector.

The Liebig Fellowship supports PhD chemists in their efforts to acquire a further science qualification at university level. Prerequisites for this fellowship include rapidly completed studies and excellent academic achievement.

As a general rule, no more than 3 years can have passed between the PhD and the application for a Liebig Fellowship. Furthermore, chemistry-oriented research work must be done at a different university location and in a different research group than the PhD work.

Please find the guidelines to the Liebig fellowship in the download section at the top of this page.

Contact: Stefanie Kiefer, Phone +49 (69) 2556-1378, E-Mail:

29. March 2021

 Stefanie Kiefer

Contact person

Dr. Stefanie Kiefer

Fonds Dozentenpreis, Sachmittel für Hochschullehrernachwuchs, Stipendienprogramm