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Kekulé Fellowship

Kekulé Fellowship for PhD candidates

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The purpose of this Fellowship is to promote young outstanding scientists in chemistry and chemistry-related life science subjects.

In cases where relocation is necessary at the start of the Ph.D. work, a one-off relocation allowance can be applied for. Deadlines for application for the “Kekulé Fellowship” are 1 March, 1 July and 1 November of any year.

Further details are available in the guidelines on this homepage.

06 September 2022

 Stefanie Kiefer

Contact person

Dr. Stefanie Kiefer

Fonds Dozentenpreis, Sachmittel für Hochschullehrernachwuchs, Stipendienprogramm

 Sonja Wendenburg

Contact person

Dr. Sonja Wendenburg

Bildungspolitik (Hochschule), Fonds-Hochschulförderung, Stipendienprogramm